What is Genetically Modified Food?

What is genetically modified food? This crop innovation occurs when food is grown from seeds which have been genetically altered.

Technology is every trying to produce new things which either can make our lives easier or that make our lives more interesting. Science has come up with genetically modified food to help us with food issues and problems some farmers experience. By altering the food organism at the genetic level, crops can grow taller, hardier, and often easier than they could before. The Science of Genetically Modified Food

Through the process of cisgenesis or transgenesis, a plant can be genetically engineered to create certain seeds that will produce certain types of plants with particular features. Sometimes this process takes place naturally in the presence of radiation or in the presence of chemicals.

So What's the Big Deal with GMOs?

However great the many advantages of genetically modified food, many people are worried that genetically modified foods are actually harmful. These opponents cite a variety of disadvantages of genetically modified food, mainly in the realm of health and of environmental safety.

Since genetically modified foods have not been used for a longer period of time, it is still unclear whether these GMOs will have a long term effect on those who eat the foods which come from their seeds. Even more concerning is the spread of GMOs, even in farms which did not plant the seeds. Perhaps there is no way to stop genetically modified food from ending up on your table.

As more crops are grown with genetically modified seeds and other nutrients, the effects of this technology, if any, will be seen.